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About ID-Room

IT plays an important role for university activities. To be better performance for protected IT services, Information Infrastructure Initiative (i-Cube, for short) constructs the campus authentication platform, and have been issued "SSO-KID" to every university staffs and faculties since 2007. The i-Cube has been integrating user authentication of protected information services into SSO-KID based authentication system. Integrated authentication platform may realize easy, trustworthy, and secure protected services.

SSO-KID is acronyms of "Single Sign-On Kyushu university ID". SSO is a property of access control of multiple, related, but independent software systems. A user logs in once and gains access to all systems without being prompted to login.

ID-Room mission

・ Issue of SSO-KID to employees, and managment of user account
・ Provice authentication system to various university services
・ Contact of digital certificate request



How to confirm your own ID (for student)

You have two IDs. Common ID (SSO-KID) and Student ID.
Prepare your Student ID Card, and check below.

Confirm your Common ID (SSO-KID)

Your Common ID is printed at the reverse side of your student ID card.
It is called "SSO-KID".

Confirm your registration code

Please confirm the surface of the IC student ID card.
Your registration code is printed right side of your Student ID Number.
You should activate your ID using this registration code first.
Besides, if you forgot the password, you can reset it by yourself using this code.

(If your ID card ' s issued date is April 1st 2021 later)
The registration code is printed on the bottom left of the student ID card.

Registration Code
Before 2020
IC学生証表面 拡大図
2021 later

Non-degree student (research student,special student,auditing student,subject student)

SSO-KID and registration code will be announced at the student office which you belong.


How to confirm your own ID (for faculty and staff)

The common ID at Kyushu University is called "SSO-KID".
When you come to Kyushu University as an employee, we send to you via personnel section of your department.

1.Receive the SSO-KID card

We deliver your SSO-KID card to your personnel section.
If the card has not arrived it yet, ask them first.

If you could never find it, you need to submit the reissue application form.
The form is here. (SSO-KID reissue application form: Word file)
Fill it out and bring it to your personnel section.

2.Confirm your SSO-KID number

Open the envelope, and confirm the entries on this card.
If you found mistake there, please ask to amend it to your personnel section.

The barcode can be utilized at the Kyushu University Library.
Please cover it using a laminate seal, which is included with this card.

3.Confirm your registration code

A Registration Code (It was called "Initial Password" on the old system) is covered with scratch-off.
Scrape away the seal using a coin, and you will be able to confirm your registration code.
If this seal has already scraped away before you received it, please contact us.


Registration (Account Activation)

Before you use authentication system for the first time, you should activate your SSO-KID.

The languages which can be used in this system are Japanese and English.
If the OS or browser in your PC is used other languages, you should choose "English" at the following URL.

1. Access password change site.
Activation (Click here)

2. Select language "English".

3. Enter SSO-KID, registration code, and your birthday.
※Birthday is formedas 8 numbers.(Jan.23 1969 → 1969/01/23)

4. After that, enter your new password.
Never activate until you have entered your new password.

You must keep your SSO-KID and password safe.


Password Change

You can change your password on the following page.
Changing Password (Click here)

You must keep safety your SSO-KID and password.

The languages which can be used in this system are Japanese and English.
If the OS or browser in your PC is used other languages, you should choose "English" at the above URL.

Your password must include a combination of non-alphanumeric symbols, numbers, and letters (upper and lower case).
Your Password must be at least 8 and most 64 charactores long. ( 8 <= Password length <=64 )
Password characters are:
Alphabet: A B C ... Z, a b c...z
Number: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0
Symbols: ! " # $ % & ' ( ) * + - . / : ; < => ? [ @ ] ^ _ ` { | } ~
Can't use Yen-sign(\), back-slush (/), space( ), and double-quote(").


Password Reset

If you are registering as a reminder you can reset your password yourself.

The languages which can be used in this system are Japanese and English.
If the OS or browser in your PC is used other languages, you should choose "English" at the following URL.

1. Access password change site.
Password Reminder (Click here)

2. Select language "English".

3. Enter SSO-KID,registration code,your birthday and picture code.

5. The procedure depends on the setting of the reminder.

(When Setting a mail address for a reminder)
Confirm the e-mail address and click “OK”.
Access URL which is written in the mail, and set your password again.

(When Setting secret question and answer in previous system)
Please contact ID-Room.

You must keep your SSO-KID and password safe.


Matrix Password Authentication System (QMAX)/ Staff Only

i-Cube provides Matrix Password Authentication system (QMAX) for secure serivces.
QMAX is a reverse web proxy type SSO system.
If you have IC staff card, you can access following sercies via QMAX.

Service URL Remarks
Campusmate-J https://qmax.iii.kyushu-u.ac.jp/ku-portal/
Faculty only
Groupware for clerk https://qmax.iii.kyushu-u.ac.jp/jimu/ Clerk only
Researcher's Activity Developments & Reports System https://qmax.iii.kyushu-u.ac.jp/hyoka/
Faculty only
Research related items only
九州大学情報統括本部 認証基盤事業室
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